Sunday, December 30, 2012

Making the Most of Winter Vacation

The Christmas countdown is over. All the presents have been opened. Guests are heading home.

And yet, there is still time for special moments with your little ones before the holiday break officially ends!

Here's a fun way to upcycle your holiday cards into gift tags and garland for next season, while simultaneously practicing tracing and cutting skills:

Or, put that styrofoam packaging from your gifts to good use with this activity that captivates kids as they balance marbles on golf tees:

No snow this winter in your neck of the woods?  Bust out the scarves and hats anyway for some fun indoor ice skating.

And play with some fluffy white stuff any time you want by microwaving a bar of Ivory soap:

You can find these, plus lots of other FREE activities and coloring sheets for kids at

May you have a Happy New Year with your little ones!