Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The First Graduation

It snuck up on you before you were ready for it.

It seemed like just a few minutes ago that you were prying their clinging bodies from yours to drop them off for their first day. Suddenly, they're graduating.

They don their paper graduation caps and say goodbye to their first teacher. They clutch their first diplomas, proud of all they have accomplished.  And you are proud,too...so, so proud.

They've learned so much this year.  Numbers. Colors. Letters. How to share. How to make friends.

How to survive--if only for a few hours--without you.

And just like on the first day, the last day of preschool
 will probably produce some tears as you realize that you are officially the mother of Kindergartner.

Well, not quite yet.
Here's to summer vacation, Mommy! Let's savor every second of it.

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